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>I have used OpenBSD, for years, in my computer security classes. I find
>it best suited for these classes. The governance has never been an
>issue. If you know what you are doing the OpenBSD community is a good
>one.Stephen KolarsSent via the Samsung Galaxy Note® 4, an AT&T 4G LTE
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>Hi,Avstin Kim wrote:> My question is, how is the OpenBSD Project
>governance structured;There is no formal structure and no
>"governance".In day to day business, code owners in parts of the system
>decidewhat is done (for example, espie@ in pkg_add(1), myself in
>mandoc(1),claudio@ in OpenBGPD, gilles@ in OpenSMTPd, jsing@ and beck@
>inLibreSSL, tj@ redgarding the website, and so on; in some areas,more
>than one person owns the code, sometimes up to a handful).In general,
>the people deciding ask themselves which is the besttechnical solution,
>and if there is consensus among developers, itis done.In the rare cases
>of serious disagreement that cannot be resolvedconsensually, or cannot
>be resolved without excessive delay ordiscussion, deraadt@ reserves the
>right to make a final decision,but that does not happen often.There is
>no core team and certainly, there are never any elections.There are no
>written rules whatsoever, and no introduction of anywritten rules is
>planned for the future.  The OpenBSD foundationhas absolutely no say
>about any aspect of the OpenBSD project.None of all this is documented
>anywhere because it doesn't matterfor users of the system.If your
>choice of operating system depends on any kind of formalitiesrather
>than on technical quality, OpenBSD is not the project youare looking
>for.Yours,  Ingo

I can only add that ,from all the mailing lists  I'm  subscribed ,  
misc@openbsd is the most active  mailing list.

This means alot for me, and I suspect for anyone else using openBSD.

Best Regards,
Strahil Nikolov

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