On 11/13/19 1:41 AM, Brennan Vincent wrote:

I have a Wi-Fi USB adapter. urtwn(4) normally works fine, but it's a bit

The issue happens both on 6.6 and on -current.

When my adapter gets into the bad state, it appears (from dmesg output) that
the driver is scanning for access points over and over, never
finding any. When I get into this wedged state, I don't know any way
to bring the card back up other than unplugging it and re-inserting.
(`ifconfig urtwn0 down && sleep 10 && sh /etc/netstart urtwn0`
is no help).

I am attaching the relevant snippets of the dmesg output
(Kernel built with URTWN_DEBUG and urtwn_debug level set to 3).

Another interesting thing is these "RX status=6" error messages in the
output. Apparently, "6" corresponds to "USBD_CANCELLED"
in sys/dev/usb/usbdi.h .

I don't think this is a hardware issue because the device is
working fine on Ubuntu.

Please let me know if there is anything more I can do to help debug this.
I am a beginner with OpenBSD so I'm not sure exactly what is relevant.
Just to clarify: the parts of that dmesg output where the device is wedged is where you see tons of lines of `urtwn0: SCAN -> SCAN` and little else. The parts where it's actually printing out access point names and so on are when things are working fine.

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