On 11/13/19 1:56 AM, Ted Unangst wrote:
Brennan Vincent wrote:

I have a Wi-Fi USB adapter. urtwn(4) normally works fine, but it's a bit
I don't think this is a hardware issue because the device is
working fine on Ubuntu.
I think this is and isn't a hardware issue? I had the same problem with an
edimax a few years ago. I lost it and recently replaced it with a TP Link
model and it works a little better?

There doesn't seem to be much variation in hardware designs, but I noticed
the old one was frequently very hot, and the new one is not.
Ah, I think I am in a similar boat. Mine is an Edimax also, and it does frequently get hot.

Can you give me the exact model of the one you bought recently? I have half a mind to just write
off mine as a loss and buy something else.

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