Chris Bennett - Tue, 28 April 2020 at 23:03:32
> Some BIOS's require you to select legacy boot and legacy boot before
> UEFI in order to boot off of a USB. Also might need to turn off boot
> security option, too.
> A lot of BIOS's suck nowadays. Who woulda thought that examining the
> BIOS would become a purchasing decision?

couple of points i did not go into (but i plan to make a longer

1. legacy boot is NOT an option in this BIOS. the ASUS knowledge
base site says this option was removed for any Coffee Lake or later CPU,
so it's not coming back. For me this is an issue only because my old
notebook cannot boot UEFI, and this new one cannot boot legacy :D
so i cannot share the usb key between them.

2. secure boot MUST be disabled.  no way to boot a usb key otherwise
without mucking with platform keys or such.  In this particular (full
GUI) BIOS with a "dumb mode" and an "advanced mode", there is no
"disable secure boot" option and the installed secure keys must be NUKED
for secure boot to be disabled.

I agree that BIOS is very important, but it's impossible to use it as a
purchasing decision.  It is never indicated in the tech specs, and i
havent bought a notebook in a shop where i MIGHT be allowed to enter the
bios in more than a decade.  Even then, an update might change anything
in a flash of an eye.

Besides sharing information in my email I was kind of asking if maybe
the boot program needs some changes to be able to detect the boot drive
even without entering the BIOS (which seems to initialize something that
makes the detection work as it is).

To reiterate: if the boot order is changed in BIOS and saved, at startup
the USB key boots up, but sees only itself.  If I enter the BIOS and use
the boot order menu there to select the usb key, it boots up and sees
the internal drive as well.


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