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>Chris Bennett - Tue, 28 April 2020 at 23:03:32
>> Some BIOS's require you to select legacy boot and legacy boot before
>> UEFI in order to boot off of a USB. Also might need to turn off boot
>> security option, too.
>> A lot of BIOS's suck nowadays. Who woulda thought that examining the
>> BIOS would become a purchasing decision?
>couple of points i did not go into (but i plan to make a longer
>1. legacy boot is NOT an option in this BIOS. the ASUS knowledge
>base site says this option was removed for any Coffee Lake or later
>so it's not coming back. For me this is an issue only because my old
>notebook cannot boot UEFI, and this new one cannot boot legacy :D
>so i cannot share the usb key between them.
>2. secure boot MUST be disabled.  no way to boot a usb key otherwise
>without mucking with platform keys or such.  In this particular (full
>GUI) BIOS with a "dumb mode" and an "advanced mode", there is no
>"disable secure boot" option and the installed secure keys must be
>for secure boot to be disabled.
>I agree that BIOS is very important, but it's impossible to use it as a
>purchasing decision.  It is never indicated in the tech specs, and i
>havent bought a notebook in a shop where i MIGHT be allowed to enter
>bios in more than a decade.  Even then, an update might change anything
>in a flash of an eye.
>Besides sharing information in my email I was kind of asking if maybe
>the boot program needs some changes to be able to detect the boot drive
>even without entering the BIOS (which seems to initialize something
>makes the detection work as it is).
>To reiterate: if the boot order is changed in BIOS and saved, at
>the USB key boots up, but sees only itself.  If I enter the BIOS and
>the boot order menu there to select the usb key, it boots up and sees
>the internal drive as well.

Have you tried  to edit the windows boot loader and somehow boot the openBSD?

I have done that approach  ages  ago where grub was on second disk and I made 
windows boot loader (legacy mode)  to boot from the next disk and then grub 
kicked in.

Of course , you can try the opposite  - somehow openBSD to boot the windows :)

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