On Tue, May 12, 2020 at 07:17:44AM +0200, i...@aulix.com wrote:
> I would prefer to begin from grsecurity, but it is not available up to date 
> for my budget.
What exactly does your budget mean? These are all free, open source
operating system. You may sell both OpenBSD and any installations and
consulting. That could improve your income for your budget.

> I would also try HardenedBSD, but it is only amd64 now? And how many active 
> developers there are? one or two?

I run two intel based servers with OpenBSD amd64. They run flawlessly.

> OpenBSD looks as the only viable option for me right now, may be one another 
> is a systemd free distro like Devuan with a hardened kernel like by @anthrax, 
> but I am too unskilled even to understand what are improvements of @anthrax 
> kernel for me without a good doc for it in the existence, and on the other 
> hand OpenBSD is famous with its very good documentation. 

Open source means that most developers work for free and fun or to
obtain something they in particular want. Convince some developers to
work on your own desires, whether with OpenBSD or elsewhere.

> I guess it is a huge work to harden Linux installation to a level compared to 
> OpenBSD, there is some interesting work which is by Whonix but unfortunately 
> with systemd, and it seems someone from that community is referring to 
> isopenbsdsecu.re site, so it looks to me like a OpenBSD vs Whonix dispute, 
> excuse me if I am wrong.

Linus actively discourages security work. OpenBSD is thrilled to
actively work on security. A major compenent that brings security
benefits is simple auditing of code, not for security but for
If you are seeking perfect security, YOU CAN'T HAVE IT!
It is impossible. Not even agencies such as the NSA, etc have it.
Remember Edward Snowden? All systems can be breached. Period.

My suggestion is to stop taking a confrontational attitude ( you may not
even realize you are doing it) and try to take a congenial attitude. It
will always produce more good results than confrontation.

Chris Bennett

PS. Please format your emails to 80 or 72 character width.
Your long lines are mildly irritating and non-standard in the Unix-like
world. Or just hit enter more often.

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