> Free advice from a fellow East European who might better understand
your obnoxious behaviour on this list:

I find behavior of commenters like you much more obnoxious and simply trolling 
me and the whole topic of this thread and some interesting facts mentioned here 
which might not please people (agents?) like you.

>This community's motto is "Shut up and hack!". 
Is not it idiotic to hack (work on it, spend time and resources on it) 
something until you know exactly if it really solves your problem?

>You are just talking a lot about OpenBSD and not hacking at all on OpenBSD 

See answer above. I would not spend a single second of my life for working on 
something before I try to verify it is useful enough for me and makes me some 
type of a profit.

> By now, probably lots of people just ignore you, because your frequent (and
sometimes naive) emails amount to spam for most of them, especially
the most knowledgeable.

Trolls like you often like to say from a position of "all", though you are NOT 
all even in a very nearest approach. Actually you a minority opinions of whom 
is not interesting for me and most likely harmful and trying to create wrong 
beliefs for me.

I am interested only in answers of positive minded people who are willing to 
help and prefer to ban out trolls like you from my thread, though it is obvious 
if even trolls have power to blacklist my e-mail I can automate with 
ZennoPoster or pure DotNet/Mono a routing to register under a new account in a 
about 1 min under a new e-mail with new domain and continue discussion only 
with a positive part of the community.

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