Thanks for your suggestion, 

but googling for keys: +openbsd +nitrokey

does not indicate anything interesting except a few of my own questions on the 
Nitrokey support forum.

I would like to hear from some real OpenBSD user about he is happy with 
Nitrokey on OpenBSD.

Another my point is about hardware security, it does not matter how long 
someone uses an operation system like OpenBSD (10 or 20 years)
unless he has a very special knowledge he will not determine any hardware 
insecurities without external help.

> On 2020-05-13 11:02, wrote:
>>> (all your emails to @misc)
> Dear Info,
> the best way to get answers to all of your questions regarding OpenBSD
> is to try and run OpenBSD for a few years trying to make it help with
> your real-world needs, such as personal laptop, home gateway, personal
> email or web server etc. After some time, you will be able to decide
> wheather OpenBSD is the right choice for you.
> You should be able to find majority of answers to your questions
> regarding OpenBSD in manpages, FAQ, and books similar to "Absolute
> OpenBSD", "The Book of PF" etc. There are also various blogs from
> OpenBSD users, whose quality varies from very bad to very good.
> As for idle gossip, I can suggest local bars, which is what I use. I
> understand they are all closed now due to current situation with
> pandemic, but @misc mailing list is really poor substitute.
> Regards,
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> After enlightenment - chop wood, draw water.
> Marko Cupać

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