> If that binary code was on a ROM, would it be less malicious?

Cannot more recent and up to date binary code be more malicious than old one in 
the ROM?
Just because backdoor development is progressing as time goes and old backdoors 
may be less dangerous  compared to modern ones?

> If the binary code is malicious, don't buy the hardware it is
> associated with. 

Often there is no other choice except taking the oldest hardware we can afford 
to find.

Please take into account, I am a very noob in security area and it is just my 

Anyway there was another distro like LibertyBSD which was an OpenBSD without 
some already seldom blobs like firmwares.
And another OpenBSD fork is declared to be going to appear: Hyperbola (it is 
Linux based yet for now), completely pure from BLOBs too.

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