Peter Gorsuch( on 2021.11.13 08:25:00 -0500:
> Hi All,
> As [Renewing] begins and during the renewing cycle (as I view 
> configuration with dhcpleasectl -l fxp0) about halfway through the 
> ISP'one hour dhcp lease, the external interface seems to become "stalled".
> "Stalled" is a term that describes the experience of using a host on the 
> lan, as one's video is fine, then stops, then starts up again after some 
> period of time.
> This on a dual homed i386 GENERIC installation planned to be a router 
> and run unbound and dhcp for the lan.
> Subject to my understanding, I'm informed by 
> and I 
> imagine there is some interplay with the dhcp rebinding/renewing 
> timer(s) and name resolution.

Have you tried the fix suggested by florian@ in that thread?

If not you can upgrade to the latest snapshot, that change was commited

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