On 2023-07-16, Peter J. Philipp <p...@delphinusdns.org> wrote:
> Hi *, 
> I'm back for the moment.  I was wondering who has a Allwinner D1 riscv64 SBC?
> This is the Mango Pi SBC.
> I have one which has linux on it currently but I'm trying to boot OpenBSD on
> it.  But I'm fairly lazy and haven't done much with this lately.  I can get
> to the riscv64 loader but when it loads the kernel, it goes blind.  So there
> is more than just getting the GPIO pins configured which I think I have been
> able to adjust.

The SoC is not on the supported hardware list so will probably need some
development work to get it to run.

> I think we need a specific riscv mailing list for this sort of stuff perhaps
> it's too technical for misc.

I don't think it's too technical. The existing hw-specific lists aren't
really that widely used so there doesn't seem a lot of point in setting
up another.

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