Hi Peter,

I got a VisionFive2 SBC laying arround, so if this is of interest for the devs too I can ship it somewhere.



Am 20.07.2023 um 10:32 schrieb Peter J. Philipp:
Hi all,

Just so we don't lose the warm fuzzy feelings around this.  Diana do you want to give me your paypal address so I can transfer the 30 EUR to you?  I'm very excited about this, particularily because the mango pi comes out of china.

Here is some interesting read I googled the other day: https://www.hpcwire.com/2023/07/19/how-china-is-building-an-open-national-chip-plan-around-risc-v/

Risc-v is really taking off!  I do hope that sifive can give us something of value, because I heard about this Milk-V computer giving Intel/Sifive a run for their products.


That said I'm hoping on invest in another risc-v computer by next year.  Support for it will probably lack and I'll run linux on it for a while perhaps.

Best Regards,


On 7/19/23 03:40, deich...@placebonol.com wrote:
I'm going to reach out to a few folks who I see are doing riscv64 specific development.  I realize they might not want to take on yet another h/w design.


On July 18, 2023 3:14:18 PM MDT, Mike Larkin <mlar...@nested.page> wrote:

    On Tue, Jul 18, 2023 at 02:02:45PM -0600, deich...@placebonol.com

        Hi Mike I've volunteered to coordinate a purchase of Mango Pi
        to get them into OpenBSD developers working on riscv64
        platform. It has been awhile but I used to facilitate getting
        h/w into OpenBSD developers hands on a semi-regular basis. diana
    Great. I don't know who would be interested, so I'd wait to let
    them speak up before ordering anything. -ml

        On July 16, 2023 1:13:02 PM MDT, "Peter J. Philipp"
        <p...@delphinusdns.org> wrote:

            On Sun, Jul 16, 2023 at 06:25:50PM +0000, Mike Larkin wrote:

                On Sun, Jul 16, 2023 at 11:56:51AM +0200, Peter J.
                Philipp wrote:

                    Hi *, I'm back for the moment. I was wondering who
                    has a Allwinner D1 riscv64 SBC? This is the Mango
                    Pi SBC. I have one which has linux on it currently
                    but I'm trying to boot OpenBSD on it. But I'm
                    fairly lazy and haven't done much with this
                    lately. I can get to the riscv64 loader but when
                    it loads the kernel, it goes blind. So there is
                    more than just getting the GPIO pins configured
                    which I think I have been able to adjust. I use a
                    QEMU-based riscv64 emulation to compile kernels
                    which is slow but this SBC isn't much faster
                    either (1000 Mhz it claims). I use this u-boot
                    directive to get into the boot loader: setenv
                    bootobsd 'load mmc 0:1 0x4FA00000
                    ; load mmc 0:f 0x40080000
                    /EFI/OpenBSD/BOOTRISCV64.EFI ; bootefi 0x40080000
                    0x4FA00000' followed by a: run bootobsd I am
                    unsure how to save this though in the u-boot
                    itself. Any hints would be appreciated. I think we
                    need a specific riscv mailing list for this sort
                    of stuff perhaps it's too technical for misc.
                    Regarding to the nostradamus stuff of someone from
                    chicago (Re: A couple of Questions) , check out
                    "1st wave" and "cade foster" on youtube (reruns),
                    this will feed you more ideas. my personal opinion
                    is that time travel of information is possible,
                    contributing to major headaches when events get
                    changed (for the prometheus seers). Back to
                    "reality" I'm looking for a group of people to
                    help getting the mango pi working. I'm hampered by
                    pride to ask knowledged people and these people
                    have their own directions and I don't want to
                    bother their efforts. The more we are the more we
                    could possibly get something done.
                The best way to get that done is to get hardware in
                the hands of developer(s). Wishing on misc@ is likely
                not going to get anyone interested. Check the commit
                logs for people working in this area, reach out to
                them, and see if they are interested in helping. -ml
            Hi Mike, Thanks. This will take a bit, I'm in talks to get
            a new job soon, which will put extra money in my pocket.
            Then I may be able to get a handful of these perhaps. Do
            you still keep tabs on Shivam, Mars, Brian, and Wenyan?
            Are they still interested in riscv64 after the initial
            port with yours and Dales guidance? I think I paid
            something like 30 EUR for a Mango Pi from AliExpress
            buying 4 would work but I can only do this when I have
            secured the job. Best Regards, -peter -- Over thirty years
            experience on Unix-like Operating Systems starting with QNX.

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