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I’ve got a rule based on recipients, however for some reason it’s not matched and therefor the mail bounced. Can anyone tell me if I’m doing something wrong?

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smtpd.conf rule:
table recipient_whitelist file:/etc/opensmtpd/recipient_whitelist
accept recipient <recipient_whitelist> relay via smtp://

I think you have to do like this:

accept for domain example.com recipient <recipient_whitelist> relay via ....


# accept all mails to these recipients
mon...@example.com <mailto:mon...@example.com>
ban...@example.com <mailto:ban...@example.com>

Output from “smtpd -dv -T lookup -T rules”:
debug: smtp: new client on listener: 0xe253a0
13e045ff1aa2603d smtp event=connected address= host=client.example.com <http://client.example.com>
debug: smtp: SIZE in MAIL FROM command
lookup: check “" as NETADDR in table static:<localhost> -> 0
no rule matched
13e045ff1aa2603d smtp event=failed-command command="RCPT TO:<mon...@example.com <mailto:mon...@example.com>> ORCPT=rfc822;mon...@example.com <mailto:mon...@example.com>" result="550 Invalid recipient"
13e045ff1aa2603d smtp event=closed reason=quit
debug: smtp: 0xe1d3f0: deleting session: done

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