On Thu, Apr 06, 2017 at 04:01:02PM +0200, Frank Timmers wrote:
> Hi,


> I???ve got a  rule based on recipients, however for some reason it???s not 
> matched and therefor the mail bounced. Can anyone tell me if I???m doing 
> something wrong?


> smtpd.conf rule:
> table recipient_whitelist file:/etc/opensmtpd/recipient_whitelist
> accept recipient <recipient_whitelist> relay via smtp:// 
> <smtp://>

Your rule lacks 'from' and 'for' so this rule will be similar to:

     accept from local for local recipient <recipient_whitelist> [...]


> /etc/opensmtpd/recipient_whitelist:
> # accept all mails to these recipients
> mon...@example.com <mailto:mon...@example.com>
> ban...@example.com <mailto:ban...@example.com>

will fail to match recipient since @example.com is not part of "for local",
and ...

> Output from ???smtpd -dv -T lookup -T rules???:
> debug: smtp: new client on listener: 0xe253a0
> 13e045ff1aa2603d smtp event=connected address= 
> host=client.example.com <http://client.example.com/>

will fail to match sender since is a network connection and is
not part of "from local"

Gilles Chehade

https://www.poolp.org                                          @poolpOrg

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