action “relay” relay user username host smtp+tls://b...@smtp.example.com auth <secrets>

It worked fine until late March.

Hard to believe, since it is a syntax error.

smtpd -n was ok after user [username] was removed but the relay no longer functioned. The main cause seems to be a lack of authentication as I get a "mta error reason=AUTH rejected: 535 Authentication failed" when I try to send an email while running smtpd -dv.

<secrets> exists or smtpd wouldn't start.
An entry for bob exist or a warning would appear.
An authentication is attempted or "530 Authentication required" would (most likely) appear.

1. Is bob still an active account on smtp.example.com?
2. Is the password in <secrets> still valid?
3. Is smtp.example.com still the preferred smarthost in the eyes of its provider?
4. Is your IP on a blacklist? https://www.dnsbl.info/

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