On Tue, 2 Jul 2019 19:53:03 +0200 Thomas Bohl
<opensmtpd-misc-64...@aloof.de> wrote:

> > I tried "listen on ... auth ..." but it complained about the lack of
> > TLS/smtps.
> That is because you can't use authentication without encryption. Best 
> you start looking into Let’s Encrypt. Though you could start with a 
> self-signed certificate. Like it is shown in man smtpd.conf

I thought SMTP can be used with plain text authentication too, although
it's far from secure. Maybe OpenSMTPD doesn't support this? (due to
security reasons...?)

> > accept from any for ! domain 486.hu relay via
> > tls+auth://t-onl...@mail.t-online.hu auth <cred>
> accept from local for any relay via \
>       tls+auth://t-onl...@mail.t-online.hu auth <cred>
> That should stop the visitors for now.

Yeah, but I can't send mails from my domain to other than 486.hu...
Selmeci Tamás

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