On Wed, 3 Jul 2019 10:22:48 +0200 Gilles Chehade <gil...@poolp.org>

> i don't know what version you are using, what system you are using, if a
> package was used or if you built yourself, etc... so i'll just guess the
> configure options used to build opensmtpd were not correct if auth isn't
> using your system users out of the box.

OpenSMTPD-6.0.3p1 compiled by me, self-made embedded linux distribution
(kernel 4.18.9) on an Itead-A20 ARM board. I believe auth
uses /etc/passwd as it should, but not for plain text attempts.

> no, OpenSMTPD will not advertise AUTH over plaintext channels.
> it is not an SMTP limitation, it is a decision we made years ago and you
> will not have a work-around for this.

That's the answer to my question. So there's no easy way for me to
force plain text auth with OpenSMTPD. I'll consider setting up at least
self-signed certificates etc.

Selmeci Tamás

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