I've been working through configuration changes from OpenBSD 6.5
upgrade. Have most things worked out, but hitting a situation where my
ISP (my smarthost for relayed mail) is rejecting due to reverse DNS

e91c8dbd411c473d mta delivery evpid=66bc2327443bcac7
to=<> rcpt=<-> source="" relay="
(" delay=2s result="PermFail" stat="550
<> sender rejected. Refer to
Error Codes section at for
more information. AUP#CXDNS"

I see in my old config I had the following for the matching rule:

accept from source <internal_nets> for any relay via $dkim_relay as

I think the "as" option was the key at that time. The intent is that
mail normally routed internally with a sender address of
"" would be rewritten when related
through ISP as "" Is this still a supported

Darren Spruell

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