On 02/09/2019 10:35, Ede Wolf wrote:
Hello Edgar,

thanks very much for your in depth reply and the effort you've put into it.

As for the "user" keyword, the way I understand this, it that it equals the "as" statement in the old version.

... lmtp "/run/cyrus/lmtp" rcpt-to ->as nobody<-

I'm using multiple virtual domains myself and delivering to Dovecot via LMTP with no user parameter. I _suspect_ it's more useful when you let OpenSMTPD to deliver straight to mailboxes.

Back to your reply: That catchall from your example in "@ catchall" is not a keyword, is it? But a local user accout?

@example.com need to be aliased to a real mail account to receive all these.

> but some real user has to own the mailbox...

Care to explain, why is that? From my unknowledgable point of view, the mailbox handling should be done on the other side of the lmtpd socket. This misconception is at the very heart of my question.

Maybe run 'smtpd -dv -T expand -T lookup -T rules' and see how OpenSMTPD is translating the aliases and which rules it's matching etc.

Good luck,

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