Am 06.09.19 um 18:59 schrieb Edgar Pettijohn:
Sounds like the mail.lmtp program is missing or not where it belongs. Should 
live somewhere in /usr/local/libexec. Find it and let us know where it is and 
somebody can probably tell you where it needs to be. Or it just didn't get 
built for some reason.

So it is a binary, thats useful information. Having specified /opt/smtpd as prefix during ./configure, it is located here:


Since libexec is usually not path aynway, I wonder, how to make smtpd recognize it, if --prefix is not honored?

> Your copy is apparently different from mine.

Nope. I've cited smtpd.conf (from the opensmtpd homepage), you have looked into tables. Since userbase is the only location I've come along that uses the userinfo table, I've went with the attribute, not the argument.

Thanks again for helping out!


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