On 09.09.2019 18:13, Martijn van Duren wrote:
On 9/9/19 3:37 PM, Reio Remma wrote:

Slowly digging into filters.

Now I'm curious if it's possible to modify the recipient after say spam
check in data-line? I get the impression that rewriting rcpt-to at that
stage is impossible, but my goal would be to redirect/quarantine high
scoring spam to a special e-mail address.

Would it be doable somehow?


It is not.

What you might be able to do is add an additional header and somehow let
an lmtp server make the decision based on the header.

I haven't used lmtp myself, no clue if this actually works, but it's
worth investigating :-)

Please reply to the threat if you managed to make it work.

Thanks Martijn and Gilles for the confirmation!

I'm currently using amavisd-new with the quarantine feature, but I'm itching to switch to Rspamd (greylisting here I come!).

I'm using the quarantine to keep an eye on mails with a medium spam score so we won't lose the occasional legit mail with a higher than normal spam score. Additionally I can train these borderline mails correctly as ham/spam.

I now see Rspamd has a metadata exporter feature I could probably use to copy spammy mails to the quarantine mail address.

There are also Dovecot's sieve scripts. I'll have to see which work better.


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