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> On 09.09.2019 18:13, Martijn van Duren wrote:
> On 9/9/19 3:37 PM, Reio Remma wrote:
>> Hello!
>> Slowly digging into filters.
>> Now I'm curious if it's possible to modify the recipient after say spam
>> check in data-line? I get the impression that rewriting rcpt-to at that
>> stage is impossible, but my goal would be to redirect/quarantine high
>> scoring spam to a special e-mail address.
>> Would it be doable somehow?
>> Thanks!
>> Reio
> It is not.
> What you might be able to do is add an additional header and somehow let
> an lmtp server make the decision based on the header.
> I haven't used lmtp myself, no clue if this actually works, but it's
> worth investigating :-)
> Please reply to the threat if you managed to make it work.
> Thanks Martijn and Gilles for the confirmation!
> I'm currently using amavisd-new with the quarantine feature, but I'm itching
> to switch to Rspamd (greylisting here I come!).

Rspamd can let you interface Amavis.

I did for someone I'm managing mail for so that you don't have to plug a
ton of different tools directly to OpenSMTPD but let Rspamd broker these
different filters and produce a result.

> I'm using the quarantine to keep an eye on mails with a medium spam score so
> we won't lose the occasional legit mail with a higher than normal spam
> score. Additionally I can train these borderline mails correctly as
> ham/spam.

I will soon extend the filter-rspamd to include symbols it matched.

With this, you'll be able to do delivery-time classification and move to
a quarantine folder if you find the proper symbol.

> I now see Rspamd has a metadata exporter feature I could probably use to
> copy spammy mails to the quarantine mail address.

Dunno about that

> There are also Dovecot's sieve scripts. I'll have to see which work better.

I'm not a big fan of Sieve, it is far more complex than it should be.

I use it for Inbox -> SPAM, Spam -> Inbox training but quite franly if a
classification can happen at delivery time through MDA, I'd rather let a
fdm ruleset classify.

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