> can you try the following diff ?
> [...]

Thanks for looking after this. Unfortunately, no dice: 

Sep 16 21:57:13 atlantic smtpd[83146]: 70aec8652b2efbe8 mda delivery 
evpid=0f662ffc0f395dbe from=<first.o’l...@example.com> to=<m...@example.net> 
rcpt=<m...@example.net> user=me delay=0s result=PermFail stat=Error ("/bin/sh: 
no closing quote”)

After that, my smtpd sends a bounce message back to the sender. 

Just to make sure you have a full picture, the following are the relevant 
action and match statements from my smtpd.conf: 

action "lmtp" mda "/usr/libexec/mail.lmtp -f \"%{sender}\" -d /var/dovecot/lmtp 
%{user.username}" virtual <users>
match from any for domain <domains> !rcpt-to <blacklist-recipients> action 


Michal Krzysztofowicz

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