I finally moved to Rspamd (2.0) on my production server and I'm seeing lots of failed DKIM checks, specifically dkim=fail (body hash did not verify).

Authentication-Results: host.domain.com;
    dkim=fail (body hash did not verify) header.d=facebookmail.com header.s=s1024-2013-q3 header.b=pNWbKJUd;
    dmarc=pass (policy=reject) header.from=facebookmail.com;
    spf=pass (host.domain.com: domain of notificat...@facebookmail.com designates as permitted sender) smtp.mailfrom=notificat...@facebookmail.com

My current stab-in-the-dark theory is that there might be something going on with line endings when mails are fed to Rspamd.

Any better theories? :)


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