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On the subject of catch all aliases, I tried adding one to my setup > with odd 

My usual setup with virtual users:

action deliver_lmtp lmtp "/var/run/dovecot/lmtp" rcpt-to virtual > <virtuals> 
userbase <userinfo>

match from any for domain <domains> rcpt-to <recipients> action > deliver_lmtp

To get catch all working, I had to remove rcpt-to <recipients> from > the match:

match from any for domain <domains> action deliver_lmtp

Otherwise the response was: 550 Invalid recipient: <a...@abc.abc>

One I removed the actual catch all alias and sent mail to a > non-existent 
account, the usual:

550 Invalid recipient: <a...@abc.abc>

turned into:

524 5.2.4 Mailing list expansion problem: <a...@abc.abc>

Any ideas how I could use a catch all alias _and_ get a proper 550 > Invalid 
recipient if I don't?
This is all with the current (v6.6) portable from a week ago or so.

This error occurs when aliases expansion encounters an error during its 
there's not enough info here to understand what happened in the expansion loop:

- it is likely a table content issue either in virtuals or in userinfo table or 
- using `smtpd -dv -T expand` will help you understand what went wrong during 


A couple of hours reading code and I'm fairly certain catchall aliases don't work at all with database backends.

Mailaddr lookups from static tables use mailaddr_match to compare address parts with catchall aliases, but table-mysql for example doesn't do any extra work.


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