> Hi,


I would like to put a OpenSMTPD server in front of a sourcehut lists
installation [1] (that is, a mailing list system for sourcehut).
OpenSMTPD and sourcehut communicate through a lmtp unix socket. Here is
my configuration (without the filter and pki parts):

     listen on eth0 tls pki lists.forge.mydomain.tld
     action sourcehut lmtp /tmp/lists.forge.mydomain-tld-lmtp.sock

action sourcehut lmtp /tmp/lists.forge.mydomain-tld-lmtp.sock rcpt-to

     match from any for domain "lists.forge.yaal.fr" action "sourcehut"

Now with this configuration I only get "550 Invalid recipient" errors,
which is expected because OpenSMTPD has no way to know what is a valid
sourcehut list recipient.

Your config doesn't verify recipients.

How can I make OpenSMTPD just skip the recipient verification, and just
forward everything to the lmtp socket?

In your case OpenSMTPD only "verifies" whether the host-part is "@rlists.forge.yaal.f" and than tries to forward it to lmtp. But lmtp additionally expects a local user for delivery. The rcpt-to parameter passes through the recipient email-address instead of a local user.


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