> What about RFC 1891? Is there an option to disable use of additional
> parameters such as ORCPT [1] to ensure compatibility with smtp tools that does
> not support this standard?

Actually I was misunderstanding this. There is no issue with ORCPT.

> It is inaccurate that no system user is involved here, all recipients do
> resolve into a username because some user has to do the LMTP session. In
> virtual setups, like yours seems to be, the proper way is to create some
> dedicated user and map all recipients to that:
>     action sourcehut lmtp "/tmp/lists.forge.mydomain-tls-lmtp.sock" \
>         virtual { "@" = _sourcehut }
> In cases where you have a full list of recipients and do not need to get
> virtual mappings involved, you can do:
>     action sourcehut lmtp "/tmp/lists.forge.mydomain-tls-lmtp.sock" \
>         user _sourcehut
> But no matter what, any action in smtpd.conf is a command that is going
> to get executed and a process has to have a owner, so there is going to
> be a system user involved.

Indeed, this solution seems to work:

    action srht lmtp "/tmp/lists.forge.mydomain-tls-lmtp.sock" rcpt-to virtual {
"@" = listssrht }
    match from any for any action srht

Now I encounter another issue: sourcehut mailing lists have the form "
~user/listn...@lists.forge.mydomain.tld" [1]. There is also a backup formatm. "
u.user.listn...@lists.forge.mydomain.tld". The backup format works fine, but the
tilde character does not seem to be handled correctly in the main format. Those
are the commands received by the lmtp client when I send a mail to 

   LHLO localhost
   MAIL FROM:<foo...@mydomain.tld>
   RCPT TO:<:user/listn...@lists.forge.mydomain.tld>

In the "RCPT TO" command, the user has no tilde. The sourcehut developpers argue
that it is a valid character for an email adress. Would you consider supporting
tildes in OpenSMTPD?

[1] https://man.sr.ht/lists.sr.ht/#posting

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