On 2023/12/14 21:36:44 +0100, Kirill Miazine <k...@krot.org> wrote:
> [...]
> cvs checkout took looong time, so I took src.tar.gz from 7.4, applied 
> patch there.
> diff worked for static maps, at least. tested on this config:

thanks for testing the diff

> [...]
> but didn't work with "table helo-names file:/etc/mail/helo-names", 
> however, which contained:
> localhost1
> ::1 localhost2
> [::1] localhost3
> ipv6:::1 localhost4

Unfortunately this is expected, see table_static.c around line 172.
File tables are split on ":" too so "::1 localhost2" becomes
"" -> ":1 localhost2"

It's not clearly documented, but table(5) says

: A file table can be converted to a Berkeley database using the makemap(8)
: utility with no syntax change.
and makemap(8) then specifies

: The database key and value may optionally be separated by the colon
: character.
It sucks, it should be documented in table(5) too at least.  (and even
then, I'm failing to see the value of splitting on : too given that it
breaks ipv6 addresses.)

After a closer look I noticed that there might be something wrong with
my diff, tracing table_static_priv_add() i noticed a weird 'pattern':

: adding [fe80::fce1:baff:fed3:6e35%tap0] -> (null)
: adding [[fe80::fce1:baff:fed3:6e35%tap0]] -> (null)
: adding [ipv6:[fe80::fce1:baff:fed3:6e35%tap0]] -> (null)

that I'm not sure was present also before, so I'll have to take a closer

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