I've spent several hours debugging an issue.

table(5) specifies addrname format as a mapping from inet4 or inet6 addresses to hostnames:

           ::1             localhost

But I can't get IPv6 mappings to work. So I've given up, and use helo instead of helo-src.

But helo-src is useful (not on this particular setup, though).

For a month or so I had a static addrname table like this:

table helo-names { \ = com.krot.org, \
  2a01:4f9:c010:9411::1 = com.krot.org

I suppose this was the cause of the frequent "Failed to retrieve helo string" errors I was getting -- smtpd would not get helo name for IPv6 address.

At first I thought it was space around equal signs, but table(5) uses space in the example. So I had to dig further.

Doing tracing, I saw that for IPv6 it -- apparently -- would be looking up IPv6 address enclosed in brackets:

lookup: lookup "[2a01:4f9:c010:9411::1]" as ADDRNAME in table static:helo-names -> none

So, I went ahead and did:

table helo-names { \ = com.krot.org, \
  "[2a01:4f9:c010:9411::1]" = com.krot.org \

This didn't help, either:

lookup: lookup "[2a01:4f9:c010:9411::1]" as ADDRNAME in table static:helo-names -> "com.krot.org"
warn: failure during helo lookup helo-names:[2a01:4f9:c010:9411::1]

Now it did find "com.krot.org", but why did it report "failure during helo lookup"? It found a match, but still reported failure...

Thinking that it could be a static-map issue, I did a file: map. First as documented in the man page:

2a01:4f9:c010:9411::1           com.krot.org                  com.krot.org

This didn't work:

lookup: lookup "[2a01:4f9:c010:9411::1]" as ADDRNAME in table static:helo-names -> none

Then with square brackets:                  com.krot.org
[2a01:4f9:c010:9411::1]         com.krot.org

And this time square bracked didn't help.

lookup: lookup "[2a01:4f9:c010:9411::1]" as ADDRNAME in table static:helo-names -> none

New try with db:

makemap -d hash -o helo-names.db -t set helo-names

When reading makemap(8), I noticed this:

In all cases, makemap reads lines consisting of words separated by whitespace. The first word of a line is the database key; the remainder represents the mapped value. The database key and value may optionally be separated by the colon character.

Colon character! In makemap.c there's:

        strsep(&valp, " \t:");

So it would be splitting IPv6 addresses, IIUC.

table(5) doesn't say anything about colons.

So I did a dump, and it indeed does separate the IPv6 address:

# makemap -U helo-names.db  com.krot.org
[2a01   4f9:c010:9411::1]               com.krot.org

How would one put IPv6 addresses in such a map?

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