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I just wrote a blogpost that explains how to configure OpenSMTPD as a mailrelay for (Debian based) servers.

I wanted to link it here in the hopes that somebody could find any mistakes I might have possibly made. Any feedback would be highly appreciated :)

Here is the link: https://www.blunix.com/blog/secure-smtp-email-relay-on-debian-and-ubuntu-with-opensmtpd-instead-of-postfix.html

I only have a moment to glance at this.

Ubuntu and Debian appear to be on version 6.8. The Arch package search indicates they seem to be on the latest versions, including 7.5 RC1 being available.

Most critically needed for OpenSMTPD is a PPA with most current version. I maintained a very simple PPA long ago and I am well aware it is no small task.

That said, you are exactly correct about the problem with Postfix being an enterprise-grade tool that retains its enterprise-grade complexity. Being "easier to configure than Sendmail" is too low of a bar and I really think that OpenSMTPD is what that vast majority of admins would prefer (vs what they are really doing but won't admit right now - cargo culting their Postfix configurations), but the only OS that genuinely supports OpenSMTPD is OpenBSD (FreeBSD uses Sendmail WTF), so few people have ever even heard of it.

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