I got this one i wrote in 2021 and kept updated ever since : https://blog.gamindustri.fr/setup-un-serveur-mail-avec-opensmtpd-dovecot-rspamd-et-postgresql-sur-openbsd/

- Jarod

Le 11/03/2024 à 09:03, Gilles CHEHADE a écrit :
Since people are sharing posts / articles, if others have written such articles 
feel free to share in this thread, I’m curious :-)

On 8 Mar 2024, at 22:53, Peter Thurner | Blunix GmbH <p.thur...@blunix.com> 

Hello misc@opensmtpd.org,

I just wrote a blogpost that explains how to configure OpenSMTPD as a mailrelay 
for (Debian based) servers.

I wanted to link it here in the hopes that somebody could find any mistakes I 
might have possibly made. Any feedback would be highly appreciated :)

Here is the link: 

with kind regards,

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