For the record, GitLab looks really interesting and exciting to me as
well. If we were a new project, we could go there in a heartbeat. But we
have to consider all of the not-fun practical matters and repercussions
of migration of a large and storied existing project.

On 11/17/2017 11:59 AM, Be wrote:
> IMO our biggest issue as a project is a lack of labor.

Which is precisely why migrating at all would be problematic. We can
ill-afford the labor to do it.

> IMO having to host our own server for project management is practically
> a non-starter.

What are you referring to? In the case of improving Launchpad, our work
would be submitted upstream, to go live on We won't have
to move or change anything, just make the existing platform better.
Seems like the best return on effort invested to me.

> A lot, if not most, of the stuff on our Launchpad bug tracker is old
> noise with incomplete information.

Please do not make sweeping assertions like this without data.

In reality, 2774 (or 73.5%) of the bugs in the system are either
confirmed (adequate information,) being worked on, or already fixed. A
history of resolved bugs is very valuable in the case of regressions,
similar but new occurrences, and when users search for a common problem
they think is a bug.

> This is not so much a fault of
> Launchpad as it is a collective fault of the project for not using
> Launchpad effectively.

Please provide suggestions on how we can better use Launchpad. Getting
the most out of existing tools is always a worthwhile endeavor.

> On that note, can we get rid of this old SourceForge mailing list that
> appends spam to every post?

I'm going to look at migrating it to Launchpad after the login
consolidation work.

Sean M. Pappalardo
"D.J. Pegasus"
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