Am 19.11.2017 um 11:46 schrieb Josep Maria Antolin:


    I think it could be really helpful to make a GitLab repository for
    controller mappings. We could use its issue tracker to take
    requests for controller mappings so users could vote for mappings
    they want. That would give us data on what hardware is important
    to map, which could guide us on what to ask manufacturers for
    and/or what to spend donations on.

As we did it for manuals, we may split out mappings from the main repo.

Now that you mention this, does Git have the concept of externals like Subversion has?  If it does, controllers, skins and manual could be separated repos and the Mixxx repo could use them as externals, so those that work on Mixxx have everything, and other contributors can focus on the manual, skins or controllers.

Yes it has. We did experiment with it, but It was annoying to use.

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