Yes, Zulip has that. Also, every conversation is organized into its own thread within a Stream. I encourage you to try it out on Zulip's own Zulip instance:

On 11/18/2017 03:42 PM, Stéphane Lepin wrote:
Does Zulip has several channels like its counterpart Slack?
Because the lack of several sub-channels per project is Gitter's biggest drawback to me. It's not much of an issue for small projects, but a big project like Mixxx can benefit from several sub-channels under the same "server".

2017-11-17 20:59 GMT+01:00 Be < <>>:

    On 11/17/2017 10:18 AM, Sean M. Pappalardo - D.J. Pegasus wrote:>>
    We have hundreds cross linkes, between GitHub, Forum, Wiki, and

            Launchpad. Losing this had to be well considered compared to
            missing convenient features.

        I totally agree. Never mind the work it would take to do a
        work that would be better spent on Mixxx itself, IMO.

        So the question is: how much more productive would we be if bug and
        blueprint tracking was integrated with code hosting? Put another
        how much is the current separation impairing productivity?

        (Keep in mind that Launchpad supports Git now, so it would be
        to move code hosting back there, solving this particular concern.)

    IMO our biggest issue as a project is a lack of labor. Here we have
    a skilled, motivated new developer coming to us asking why we're
    still using such fragmented and outdated infrastructure. This is
    coming concurrently with a thread on the forum with several people
    asking the same question. Most new contributors lately have been
    asking this as well. This should be a giant red flag! We must
    modernize our infrastructure soon or we will not attract and retain
    contributors. I do not think it is a question of whether we should
    migrate, it is only a question of what to migrate to.

    IMO having to host our own server for project management is
    practically a non-starter. There's no need to take on this burden,
    especially consider our scarce labor resources. Which pretty much
    leaves us with either GitHub or GitLab. I think we should consider
    the trajectory of each company and software. GitHub was the first to
    do Git hosting right and has become by far the most popular. But I
    am not such a fan of the way they treat their users. It is ironic
    that a company that thrives on open source repeatedly ignored the
    community so badly for years that it took a widely publicized open
    letter (
    <> ) to get them to budge
    to implement highly requested features for Issues. They still have
    no transparent feature request or development process. Requests for
    GitHub get sent into the void of their official support channel and
    are not publicized and rarely acted upon.

    On the other hand, GitLab is growing very rapidly and shining where
    GitHub is stagnating. Their issue tracker for the server software is
    public and they receive many code contributions to the server
    software from the community. They are very actively engaged with
    their users and receptive to feedback. Prominent open source
    projects are switching to GitLab, such as Debian, GNOME, Inkscape.
    The company is relatively small but they recently received a lot of
    capital investment and seem to be putting it to good use improving
    their performance and adding new features.

    A lot, if not most, of the stuff on our Launchpad bug tracker is old
    noise with incomplete information. This is not so much a fault of
    Launchpad as it is a collective fault of the project for not using
    Launchpad effectively. I'm questioning if it's even worth importing
    old data from Launchpad to a new system. Doing so would require
    someone to spend a lot of time manually going through ~1500ish old
    bugs and deciding what to do with them. If we start with a clean
    slate, define a workflow for handling issues, and stick to that
    process, important bugs that still exist in the current code will be
    reported and taken care of.

            Filing Bug inside Mixxx would be the most convenient solution.

        Sure. The only problem is that we would have no way to
        communicate back
        to the user (since the bug filer would be a bot account) without
        to create a separate E-mail thread. That would be quite a step
        backwards, especially since it's not hard (anymore) to create an LP
        account. (Plus if we make it too easy to file, we'll get
        low-quality bug

    Automated crash reporting with backtraces would be helpful, but I'm
    pretty sure building general bug reporting into the application
    would lower the signal-to-noise ratio on the bug tracker even further.

        We already have the "submit feedback" Google form which seems to be
        working well as it has hundreds of responses. (I need to check
        on how to
        publish them.) And indeed some are not useful.

            Launchpad offers to communicate via email. Maybe there is a
            to send Emails from Mixxx to Launchpad?

    Email sucks. It dates to the very beginning of the Internet and is
    the lowest common denominator. Why is participating via email an
    important feature? One of the reasons GitLab appeals to me is the
    Todo list feature for notifications so I wouldn't need to keep
    looking at Thunderbird for my GitHub notifications.

    On that note, can we get rid of this old SourceForge mailing list
    that appends spam to every post? IRC and phpBB suck too. These are
    all outdated communication technologies. People are not enthusiastic
    about using them at best and don't bother contributing at worst. I
    think we should consolidate to one or two communication media. Zulip
    is the most appealing to me for (semi)-realtime chat and Discourse
    looks the best for permanent archived forums. Gitter is another
    option for chat, but I like the way Zulip makes it easy to separate
    conversations into organized threads.

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