Hi Felix,

I have to think about this for a while. There are three very short ways 
connected in node 412440328:
way 130665733 : the northern node 1263658617 is close to a Garmin grid point, 
the sourthern node 412440328 is also closer to this grid point than to any 
so both are rounded to the same grid point in the north, and finally it is 
way 110722884:  the way is only ~1m long and  both nodes are far from any 
Garmin grid point. This is the way that is causing the trouble.
It is not removed, instead the initial rounding changes it to a ~3m way  going 
north -> south.
way 130663479: the way has 3 nodes, and the one in the middle (node 1263658804) 
is rounded to the same coords as the ends of the bridge (way 103567847) and way 
110722884, while the northern node 412440328 is moved up.

I've attached 4 files to document the problem. Please load into JOSM to 
orig.osm.pbf: the original osm data 
init_hp.osm.pbf: the road network as input to WrongAngleFixer in so called 
"high precision"
init_mu.osm.pbf: like init_hp.osm.pbf, but rounded to Garmin map units
after-WO_mu.osm.pbf: the result of WrongAngleFixer with coords rounded to 
Garmin map units
(please ignore the fact that the node ids in non-orig files are wrong)

Somehow I have to teach mkgmap that it would be better to ignore (also) way 
110722884. I don't know yet what criteria I should use for that.
Normally we try to keep all routable ways, as they may contain access 

BTW: There is more such trouble near way 111528851.


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Perfect. I guess my maps are the only one causing bsod here on devices, but 
without the bug they would be fine...

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Hi Felix,

I can reproduce the problem with a small download around the way and just the 
--route option.
The problem seems to be in WrongAngleFixer, it says
"... all points of way http://www.openstreetmap.org/way/130665733 are rounded 
to equal map units"
No idea why the way is not reduced to a single point, will investigate further.


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An: Development list for mkgmap
Betreff: [mkgmap-dev] Bug in Road Merging - actually doubling roads.

I just noticed that mkgmap sometimes creates a lot more routable roads for a 
certain stretch than actually defined in the style-file.


should be only once as a routable line in my map, however it ends up 6 times!
Once is correct, but 5 iterations are actually the way from the south (3 times) 
and the way from the East (2 times). Now each of these ways should be created 
that often, however it should not overlay into this short stretch of way.

While doubling up ways can be beneficial for routing, having a way more than 5 
times on top of each other let's Garmin devices crash on routing over them. 
Also it leads to detours - as it will not always route straight from the Way 
from South to the Way going to the West, but follow along after the 
intersection for 4.3m until hitting up north, then reversing and finally going 
to the way in the West.

I've uploaded the tile here:

I'm pretty sure that with other style-files - the way will also be copied past 
the intersection and end up too often in the map for that 4.3m stretch...

I kinda guess it is related to it being so short - that place has some 
remarkable micro-mapping detail.
Or is this really expected?

If needed I can try to create a reduced style to only create that problem - but 
I think the bug should be obvious.

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