I am Zhiren, a University of the third grade students, majoring in computer 
science and technology, I found a surprising item in the browse the mlpack 
project, because it was I remain perplexed despite much thought of the problem, 
yes, it is String Processing Utilities.

Not long ago, I was doing a project with machine learning, a mobile node path 
is the input data, and other data is not the same, it is a string of 
characters, the composition of the place obviously, place order is very 
important information, so how to make the computer can accept this the data and 
understand it? The direct input of a string of characters is obviously an 
evasion of the problem. I checked some information did not find a solution, 
then I thought of a solution: the training data set I is a matrix, then I put 
the path string into a single location, such as schools, hospitals, 
supermarkets, which turns out to be a data item, I put it into the three so, 
since each data item is a clear meaning, which at the time can be said to be a 
helpless way, because of direct calculation is very complex character. So you 
can't imagine how excited I was when I saw this project, because I saw mlpack 
formally put forward this problem, and I had the chance to solve it, and I 
freed the later people from this trouble.

I am very confident to complete this project, I can skillfully use C++, and use 
it to complete several relatively large projects, the other I think the problem 
description to convert characters into digital computing is indeed a good idea, 
but I think that there is room for improvement, for example, we can get rid of 
the character of no great importance (is, are), and how to use simple numbers 
(0, 1) to express more information? Can this conversion be returned accurately?

At present, I have been familiar with some basic tutorials of mlpack, and have 
compiled some simple projects. If I want to apply for this project, what should 
I do next?

Look forward to your reply.

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