Hi Charles,

the pull request mentions a class named Java7ClassValue - does this mean it's a 
Java 7 issue or is it reproducible on 8 and maybe even 9? Names can be 
misleading. ;-)

To clarify: by what means is the ClassValue removed in the JRuby implementation?

I agree this should not happen.



> Am 06.08.2015 um 20:26 schrieb Charles Oliver Nutter <head...@headius.com>:
> Pardon me if this has been discussed before, but we had a bug (with
> fix) reported today that seems to indicate that the JVM is rooting
> objects put into a ClassValue even if the ClassValue goes away.
> Here's the pull request: https://github.com/jruby/jruby/pull/3228
> And here's one example of the root trace leading back to our JRuby
> runtime. All the roots appear to be VM-level code:
> https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/9213410/class-values-leak.png
> Is this expected? If we have to stuff a WeakReference into the
> ClassValue it seriously diminishes its utility to us.
> - Charlie


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