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Remi, I tried your link with my simplified scenario and it does there not stop the collection of the classloader

Am 27.08.2015 11:54, schrieb Jochen Theodorou:

In trying to reproduce the problem outside of Groovy I stumbled over a
case case which I think should work

public class MyClassValue extends ClassValue {
     protected Object computeValue(Class type) {
         Dummy ret = new Dummy();
         Dummy.l.add (this);
         return ret;

  class Dummy {
      static final ArrayList l = new ArrayList();

basically this means there will be a hard reference on the ClassValue
somewhere. It can be in a static or non-static field, direct or
indirect. But this won't collect. If I put for example a WeakReference
in between it works again.

Finally I also tested to put the hard reference in a third class
instead, to avoid this self reference. But it can still not collect.

So I currently have the impression that if anything holds a hard
reference on the class value that the classloader cannot be collected

Unless I misunderstand something here I see that as a bug

bye blackdrag

Jochen "blackdrag" Theodorou

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