Em quinta-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2016 17:57:02 UTC-2, dannyb...@gmail.com  
> I am having troubles syncing my desktop with my android device. I suspect it 
> has something to do when I stopped using my laptop (which I have successfully 
> synced with) and began using my desktop (which I have not been able to 
> successfully sync with).


Me too, and I've already give up to even understand this. I recently downloaded 
the mnemosyne app from google play store. The app just don't show anything 
after is iniciated, just a black screen and a menu that doesn't run any of its 
own options (neither sync).

I already knew that it works only in sync with desktop version (which I'm 
running with linux ubuntu), and have saved a copy from desktop card files on SD 
card. But what is the point of making it so complicated?  

I mean, It's only some text information, why not compile it to do some 
friendly-user interface as obvious as copy and paste AFTER ever put it online? 

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