>>>> >>> As far as I know this happens only for Verizon customization that uses
>>>> >>> SMS over IMS with 3GPP2 pdu.
>>>> >>>
>>>> >>>> Isn't this actually a bit weird, given that
>>>> >>>> the LE866-SV1 is actually LTE-only (i.e. 3GPP-only, not 3GPP2)?
>>>> >>>
>>>> >>> Looks like a carrier requirement for SMS
>>>> Or maybe we can let each plugin take care of this: for Telit modems
>>>> probably we can think of checking some substring in the model name
>>>> (e.g. -SV or -NV). Maybe other modems have a similar rule or some
>>>> custom AT command that can be checked for that.
>>> I am not following all the technical details of the thread, but if we
>>> assume3GPP2 for the Telit LE866-SV modem, would that be a correct
>>> patch for ModemManager ?
>> Not really, no. LTE is 3GPP, so the LE866-SV is 3GPP, regardless of
>> operator, we cannot change that or it wouldn't work in MM. What we
>> need is a way to "switch to 3GPP2 SMS messaging" in 3GPP-only modems,
>> either automagically (maybe flagging this specific modem to do so via
>> a udev tag) or via a user-requested option when creating the SMS.
>>> It is my understanding that this modem can only be used with Verizon SIM 
>>> cards.
>> Is the modem locked to Verizon in any way?
> Yes, the SV will work properly only on Verizon.

I realize that a udev tag wouldn't work in this case, as this module
may be integrated via RS232 (so there's no reliable vid:pid to
associate). If we need a quirk for SMS messaging in this module, we
probably need to hardcode it based on the AT-queried device model.

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