Fyi, I added support for certificate validation through OCSP, where the OCSP server URI is contained in the certificate itself (following the X.509 standard).
The patch is available on (for 2.0.49, but most of it is in separate files, thus it should be easy to add to 1.3).

The check is optional.
There is also a parameter to decide if the authentication fails or not when the server cannot be reached.

The code allows conditional compilation (full code enclosed in #ifdef).

This was developed for the Belgium Government and distributed publicly from January 2004. No bug has been reported since.

The code supports a proxy, although the option was not added in the config file.
Another option in the config file could be to use a specified URI in case it is not present in the certificate.

If you have any remarks about it, just send me an e-mail.

Marc Stern

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