Thanks Sinan, for your return.
I clearly understand your statement and recommendations. This looks like a
sane direction to me.

Note that multiple Perl distro depends on this package, view
Crypt-SSLeay is pretty high in the CPAN River, and will be until we replace
it from all these main distributions listed in the above link.

At minimum we should clearly advertise this on the default POD page.

Would you mind giving me co-maint on Cryp-SSLeay to move in that direction?
or do you prefer taking care of this on your end?

IMO the "Don't declare a dependency on Crypt::SSLeay" statement should not
only live on a blog post.
We should add the statement to the main POD with probably a link to the
And also consider removing it from distro using it in a non backup way.

my 2cnts

thanks for your considering my take over offer

On Thu, Mar 10, 2022 at 11:12 AM A. Sinan Unur <> wrote:

> I had not seen the earlier message.
> Quite frankly, with IO::Socket::SSL & Net::SSLeay, I don't see the need
> for further development on this module.
> See also
> and previous linked post.
> I humbly think further development efforts should focus on those two
> modules.
> --Sinan
> On Thu, Mar 10, 2022, 1:04 PM Nicolas R. <> wrote:
>> Dear PAUSE admins, I'm contacting you to request a module takeover for
>> Crypt::SSLeay.
>> As you could see I tried to contact Sinan without success.
>> That module had no release since 2014 but a few trial releases
>> occurred since.
>> Also note that the GitHub repo for the project has some pending Pull
>> Requests.
>> Would it be possible to add me as co-maint so I can provide support and
>> maintenance releases for this distro.
>> Waiting for your reply
>> Sincerely
>> nicolas
>> ---------- Forwarded message ---------
>> From: Nicolas R. <>
>> Date: Tue, Mar 1, 2022 at 10:37 AM
>> Subject: Crypt-SSLeay release & maintenance
>> To: <>
>> Cc: <>
>> Hi Sinan, I am contacting you regarding the Crypt-SSLeay Perl distro you
>> maintain.
>> The last available version on CPAN is 0.72 from 2014.
>> Since then, I can see that you released two development versions in 2017
>> 0.73_06 is the most recent one and includes several fixes (the fix for
>> '.' in INC...).
>> I wondered if there is a reason to block the release of 0.74?
>> Also, note that the GitHub repo has some pending Pull Requests:
>> If you need help, I would gladly provide support and perform a release of
>> the distro.
>> If you are interested, could you add me as a CO-MAINT on pause for the
>> Cryp-SSLeay distro? Additionally, giving me some perms on the GitHub repo
>> would allow me to handle the pending pull requests.
>> Both my Github and CPAN nicknames are atoomic
>> Thanks in advance for your consideration & reply
>> nicolas

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