I had not seen the earlier message.

Quite frankly, with IO::Socket::SSL & Net::SSLeay, I don't see the need for
further development on this module.

See also
and previous linked post.

I humbly think further development efforts should focus on those two


On Thu, Mar 10, 2022, 1:04 PM Nicolas R. <nico...@atoomic.org> wrote:

> Dear PAUSE admins, I'm contacting you to request a module takeover for
> Crypt::SSLeay.
> As you could see I tried to contact Sinan without success.
> That module had no release since 2014 but a few trial releases
> occurred since.
> Also note that the GitHub repo for the project has some pending Pull
> Requests.
> Would it be possible to add me as co-maint so I can provide support and
> maintenance releases for this distro.
> Waiting for your reply
> Sincerely
> nicolas
> ---------- Forwarded message ---------
> From: Nicolas R. <nico...@atoomic.org>
> Date: Tue, Mar 1, 2022 at 10:37 AM
> Subject: Crypt-SSLeay release & maintenance
> To: <si...@unur.com>
> Cc: <na...@cpan.org>
> Hi Sinan, I am contacting you regarding the Crypt-SSLeay Perl distro you
> maintain.
> The last available version on CPAN is 0.72 from 2014.
> Since then, I can see that you released two development versions in 2017
> 0.73_06 is the most recent one and includes several fixes (the fix for '.'
> in INC...).
> I wondered if there is a reason to block the release of 0.74?
> Also, note that the GitHub repo has some pending Pull Requests:
> https://github.com/nanis/Crypt-SSLeay/pulls
> If you need help, I would gladly provide support and perform a release of
> the distro.
> If you are interested, could you add me as a CO-MAINT on pause for the
> Cryp-SSLeay distro? Additionally, giving me some perms on the GitHub repo
> would allow me to handle the pending pull requests.
> Both my Github and CPAN nicknames are atoomic
> Thanks in advance for your consideration & reply
> nicolas

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