I started testing the information you gave me.
I'm stuck with an import error since I used the server-root option.
I assumed that doing something like

> export PYTHONPATH='my_project_container_dir/my_parent_module'

would be enough before doing the *apachectl start* command, but it is not 
working correctly

Dir structure is as follows
      ...(urls, wsgi.py, etc)
   ...(django apps, manage.py, etc, no __init__.py file)

When I check the *error_log*, it shows an *import error* saying that 
"my_project_container_dir" is not found.

At this point, I already set up the DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE correctly, after 
doing the *python manage.py runmodwsgi*, and *apachectl start*.

... I've tested that if I modify the DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE in manage.py I 
can patch this import error (but brake my internal references)
I think that the problem is not modifying the manage.py, but, is the 
manage.py executed after doing the apachectl start command? or can you 
please point me out what am I missing here?

Thanks a lot in advance for all of your help and time.

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