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Is there a central code base now for updates? The Wiki and codebase at
https://mon.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Main_Page/ seems to have last
been updated in 2007. I do see some published patches, mostly from

the most recent code is available from cvs.


this includes mon, the client lib, and the contrib repository, all of
which are maintained and have recent additions.

you can browse it here:


nathan's enhancements, which are appreciated, are maintained by him on
his own web pages.

I'm also running into issues with daemontools integration rather than
the normal init scripts published by my supported Linux distribution
(which I've been trying to integrate per a local demand), and would
happily publish notes for it.

sure, whatever you have that may be helpful to others is welcome. post
it to the mailing list, and we'll incorporate it into cvs.

I'm also running into issues with "monshow" output clipping the names
of services and groups automatically to align the columns, which makes
descriptive service names kind of tough to use. Has anyone published a
tweak to "monshow" to create more verbose output?

yes, it uses perl's "format" feature for textual output, and the format
definition will truncate a field which is too long. one could change
the format definition to allow for a wider field, or change the textual
output code to dynamically size the column width, or to use something
other than the built-in "format" mechanism.

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