On Mon, Jun 13, 2011, Nico Kadel-Garcia wrote:
> >
> > You can certainly make local changes, and create and submit patches,
> > without requiring a seachange in VCS backend, no?
> Yes, but you can't make local branches and record your changes. That's
> a very useful feature for rebundling of any kind. Personally, I have
> *had it* with CVS, and consider Subversion a placeholder until someone
> can progress enough to use git.

Hi Nico!

Tools like Quilt or Mercurial's "mq" make it pretty easy to keep local
branches and record changes against an arbitrary source tree, and send
back a single cohesive patch to a maintainer, regardless of their choice
in VCS.  I'm personally with ya, a good DVCS outshines subversion
handily (and I won't mention CVS), but I won't begrudge someone else
their established toolset -- if they accept patches, I certainly don't
have to use it. ;)

> I used the built-in daemontools-run package from Squeeze, along with
> the mon present there. The init script uses "svc" to enable and
> disable the script. When I attempted to update other utilities, such
> as postfix, the installers complained about the init script and I had
> to revert to the standard mon package provided one to allow the update
> of postfix to proceed.

Aww, okay.  Sounds like packaging problems rather than
"mon-under-supervise" issues.  Yick.

> Are you using the "update-services" tool? And using the daemontool-run
> provided setup using /etc/services and various symlink structures?
> Or following Dan Bernstein's original practice and using symlinks into
> "/service"

The latter.  I'm on FreeBSD, and run it under /service.  I extract
the Mon tarball, checkout my local stuff (containing all local
customizations/monitors/etc, and the run file) to a directory inside
of it, and symlink the local folder directly to daemontools.  Run file
looks like:


    exec 2>&1
    exec /path/to/mon/mon -c /path/to/mon/local/mon.cf -b /path/to/mon -l all

And the mon.cf holds paths for the main Mon directory and the local one
to find all the goods.

    alertdir = /path/to/mon/local/alerts:/path/to/mon/alert.d
    mondir   = /path/to/mon/local/monitors:/path/to/mon/mon.d

Mahlon E. Smith  

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