Luis Lavena wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 14, 2010 at 2:49 AM, Amit Tomar <> 
> wrote:
>> Luis ,this is how am downloading my files
>> send_data(@data,:filename =>,
>> ? ? ? ?:disposition => 'attachment')
>> but i am getting error failed to allocate memory for large files ,for
>> small files it's working fine
> Because send_data will try to load the whole file in memory.
> Since the file is not dynamically generated, serve it directly, don't
> put it behind Rails.
>> and one thing more i observed while uploading large files , whenever i
>> upload data more than 2gb from IE OR from mozila ,both restarts but for
>> google chorme its working fine???
> Neither IE or Mozilla do chunked uploads. Chrome does and mongrels
> properly streams the chunked upload to a temporary file.
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thanks luis
but could you please explain how i serve  it directly and for my 
application i can'nt use  IE because as you said it don't  do chunked 

thanks again
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