Hi Luis,
I am trying to set up mongrel service on windows XP using Rails 2.3.2 
and mongrel 1.1.5.
I manage to run my app as windows services but I am unable to go further 
with option such as -l, -P, or -C work.
I tried -l and give full log file path but there's no log file.
I tried -P but I don't see a pid file on the folder I specified.
I tried to do -p 4100+3 but unable to have the service run for port 
4100, 4101 and 4102.
I also would like to use -C so that I can use a yml config file but I 
did not see any documentation of how to configure it.
I am familiar with mongrel_cluster in linux but I wish I could get this 
working on windows machine as well.
I've read some of your post and indeed it helped me to get this far.
Please give me some light?

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