nice post Michael

i remember all those names..veto ofvetos films told me whenhe1stadvertised mail order there where no film he advertised in popular phography inthe 50s 60s///theoldest catalog i have is fromlike 1966 larry edmunds it they had posersand boks and evenold gear,,its funny to see the pieces... I just found a list the acedemy sent me of dealers and saw Channing thompson onthelist and a few others i knew.

I am curious who has the oldest catalogs of memorabilia you can remember,,i have many fanzines that were done in the lenord Maltin and others great reference..

love to hear stories oftheold timers..

On 2018-02-09 12:07, Michael Spampinato wrote:
Sorry for being so late on this!

Literally as long as I remember I was a fan of horror/sci-fi and
mystery films. Boston TV in the 50s had some real revelations like
Shock Theater and the various Creature Feature type shows. I always
wanted to collect movies but the idea of a of film cans or video tapes
just didn't feel right. Anyway, I was at The Outer Limits comic book
store in Waltham MA and Steve, the owner, showed me a couple of
inserts he had gotten in: MOTHRA and FIRE MAIDENS OF OUTER SPACE. I
immediately bought them and realized THIS was a way to collect movies.
I picked up some lobby cards along the way, but then discovered Rudy
Franchi's The Nostalgia Factory on Newbury Street in Boston. That
kicked me into high gear. A visceral moment came when, amdist the less
expensive 50s horror/sci-fi I was getting, Rudy showed me an original
Universal FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLD MAN lobby card in beautiful
condition (yes it was real). It was the scene showing the monster
carrying Ilona Massey. When I got that card another realization hit
me...I could actually start getting into the 30as and 40s era films.

A while later I dscovered Jim Dietz, Deke at The Poster Palace,
Captain Bijou and other various internet venues. What was cool was
getting to know these folks by phone - a step closer to actually being

Michael (formerly povertyrow on Mopo)


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