Hi Everyone,

I am exploring the use of GMM to study the ontogenetic changes of claw
morphology in one species of crabs. The tips of the crab claws changes in
curvature (shape) as they grow and there are distinct differences if I
compare the claws of the juvenile crabs and the adults. However, the
intermediate stages are not so obvious. Crabs of various sizes (age) were
collected from two populations and I would like to determine the size when
the change in tip curvature most likely starts for each population. All the
major claws of each crab were photographed and landmarks were placed at the
homologous points of the claws. Semi-landmarks were used for the claw tips
as there were no homologous points along the curvature.  ln centrold size
of each individual claw was computed and plotted against body size
(carapace width) of the crabs.  I am not sure if I am approaching this the
correct way. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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